Human Resource and Change Management Directorate

Our country peace, democracy, development and good governance strategy, policy and program were achieved mainly by effective and efficient utilization of human power. Therefore, providing public servant that have significant role to sustain democratic system and good governance are important for one country.

For sustaining and making fruitful of principles of civil servant recruitment must be based on skill, fairness, equality and responsibility based procedures to increase the satisfaction of customers and to avoid any compliances that arising from bad governance system. This helps to increase effective and efficient service provision.

Human resource management directorate are one of eight directorate’s in our organization structure and  have their own  role  to achieve aim and responsibility as well as mission and vision of the organization  by recruiting, providing fruitful and competent public servant which are ready to provide the service in sustainable and satisfied manner.

In order to achieve the aim of our Authority, the directorate providing short and long term training program for employee by fulfilling material required for training and finally monitor and evaluate performance of training. Human resource management directorate also provides healthy and safe work environment by solving any conflict and discipline problem which arose at work place in transparent and sustainable way that have great role to increase productivity of worker