Communcation and Public Relation Directorate

The Rift valley lakes basin Authourity is shared administratively between two Regional States, Oromiya and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP).The authorize`s implementing different tasks through its directorates to full file its mission. From those directorates communication is one of them it serves as a bridge of organization and publics to establish and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between them.

It provides relevant  information, data  and  activities  of  the  community   in  order  to increase  the  transparency  and  the  visibility  of  the  activities  as well as to create more awareness about  the objective ,goal and mission  of the  organization.

The main intervention is to improve service so that it is reliable. Providing ICT through broadband or telephone line connections is important to the economic and social development of the basin, especially for rural areas. To create demand a public awareness campaign is necessary to instruct rural people in the benefits of this type of communication for improving awareness of IWRM, etc. In more remote or poorer communities it may be that individual households cannot afford their own connections so RVLBA use printing materials as well as media which is TV who found in the area of the organization. In these cases communication and information center may serve the purpose.

Communication plays a major role. B/se effective communications can help to ensure that all stakeholders who could potentially contribute to management initiatives, or who are potentially affected by them, are aware of relevant issues, and have the opportunity to put their concerns into action. Communication plan for the IWRM Implementation basin Plan has been developed as a guide to the Dissemination/Broadcasting of the IWRM Implementation this Plan. As indicated earlier, the IWRM Implementation Plan is an implementation plan for the water and sanitation and related sectors in the GTP 2. There are many sectors and actors at all levels (from government to community to individuals) involved in water management and thus the need for a multi- sect oral IWRM approach to undertake the activities in an effective and efficient manner.

However, it is possible this responsibility could be delegated to a stakeholder.


Communication system is the exchange of basin information with the emphasis on creating understanding between the sender and the receiver all stakeholders. Effective communication is one of the most important factors contributing to the success implementation of basin.


Therefore, the approach followed in the development of the information and communication system for water sector is first to use the self-contained independent monitoring and information system at institutional and organizational levels and use the networking and inter linkages established to share data, information and knowledge.