FDRE Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority (RVLBA)
Project name: -Ziway Shalla sub basin water allocation plan (WAP)
Consulting service required for: – Ziway Shalla sub basin water resources potential & demand study
Financing: – Government, Wetland international and IDH-The sustainable Trade Initiative
Expressions of interest
1. This is to announce that Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority (RVLBA) invites qualified and legal consulting firms to Express their interests to study water resources potential & demand of Ziway Shalla sub basin organized by the Authority in collaboration with Nongovernmental Organizations called IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative and Wetlands International. The consulting firms are expected to be qualified, competent, licensed and experienced on water related studies at national and international level and requested to express their interest by submitting their profile to the Authority within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day this announcement is posted on the Herald newspaper.
2. Expression of interest shall be submitted to Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority Head office, Hawassa, near Tabor primary school.
3. The interested firm should have a consulting license valid for the current and following years (2010& 2011Eth.C), Tin Number, Tax Payer Registration Certificate, Work Permit and registration certificate for VAT.
4. The Authority will identify short listed consulting firms based on their profile after final date of submission of interest expression.
5. After short listed consulting firms are identified, the Authority will invite them for bid.
6. Invited Short listed bidders will obtain bid documents (TOR) from the Authority and submit their financial and technical proposal to the Authority.
Overall objective of the study is to determine current and projected water resources potential and demand of Ziway-Shalla sub basin and subsequent water balance of the sub basin. This shall serve as input for Water Allocation Plan Preparation by the Authority to ensure regulated, efficient and sustainable water use in the sub basin.
The study is needed to be conducted with the consideration that the study area will cover the Ziway–Shalla Sub Basin which is about 14,477 km2 and includes the Lakes and any surface as well as groundwater resources in the sub basin. The consulting body should conduct water resources potential and demand study by taking four watersheds in the sub-basin into consideration. The watersheds are Ketar sub watershed, Meki-sub watershed, and Langano and Shalla watersheds. The study will involve assessment of existing and projected water potential/availability and demand. The water availability projection will be made for thirty years (in three periods 5, 15 and 30 years) and future water demand projection will be forecasted for 5, 15 and 30 years based on government plan that include Oromia National and Southern, Nations, Nationalities &Peoples’ regional states.. The collected water potential and demand data should be analyzed by using appropriate tools to provide the water balance of the sub basin. Key tasks and services expected from the consultant are (the exhaustive list of tasks and services will be available to shortlisted applicants):-
• determining factors of water potential /availability, identify and map surface water resource, assess flows of the Rivers in spatial and temporal pattern, conduct bathometric survey of the Lake Ziway and Abijata, analyze temporal and spatial variation of Rainfall in relation to its impact on water resources, conduct groundwater potential study, estimation of total surface and ground water, determine general status of water resources quality in the sub basin.
• To identify water uses, current and projected demand, conduct water use efficiency, identify water demand determining factors, recommend improved water management options.
• Calculating sub basin water balance based on water availability and demand in the sub basin
• Inception, draft and final reports are required step by step and the total duration allocated for service will be about 8 months.
• The Authority now invites competent consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing the above services. Interested Consultants must provide information indicating their professional capability and experience to perform the services; such information should include (brochures, description of similar assignments, national or international experiences with good performance, willingness and ability to link with international consultancies, interest and commitment to work with Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority for in house capacity building, clear methodology of the studies, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.
• A consultant will be selected in accordance with procedures set out in the bid evaluation criterion of government procurement Agency.
Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the following address during office hour from 8:30 to 5:30P.M local time Monday to Friday.
Expression of interest must be delivered to the address below:
FDRE Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority
P.O.Box 2162, Hawassa
 Tel +251-462-12-26-67/+251-462-12-30-08
 Fax +251-462-12-30-21

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