Water Resource Management Directorate

Major Responsibilities of Water Resources Management

Among the activities responsible to the water resources management, ensuring equitable, participatory and sustainable water utilization system is the one. Identification of water users in the basin by the purpose of use and scale of water use, Establishing integrated water resources utilization system by Coordinating water users and other stakeholders, Establishing equitable and sustainable water allocation system, Undertaking sustainable awareness creation works to water users and other stakeholders in the basin about wise water utilization, management of water bodies and pollution minimization and control. Issuing water use permit, Renewing water use permit and collecting water use fee are major activities of water Resources management directorate.

 Identify buffer zone by study, developing and providing draft proposal of buffer zone regulation to high basin council and monitoring implementation of the approved regulation are other activities of this Directorate are.  In addition activities like identifying, restoring and protecting wetlands in the basin are also being implemented under water resources management directorate.  Identifying and monitoring natural as well as anthropogenic factors affecting natural flow of rivers in the basin is part of major activities.

Monitoring water resources pollution is one of the important activities. Water quality testing and monitoring, identifying water pollution sources, identification and monitoring salinity problems associated with irrigation development, Creating awareness to industries and other polluters in the basin to treat wastewater before discharging into water bodies, issuing wastewater discharge permit to the polluters based on the accepted standards and collecting wastewater discharge fee are responsibility of the Directorate.