Basin Planning , Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate

Basin Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation directorate monitors and evaluates all planned activities and performances of Departments in the Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority. The directorate has one sub program; Basin plan, research and development to effect its duties. The monitoring and evaluation schemes on physical and financial works are undertaken on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual basis by setting evaluation criteria. The directorate is also responsible to coordinates all stakeholders in the preparation of a basin plan for RVLB. Where currently a Roadmap is prepared that assists as guideline in launching basin program of basin planning with the principle of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).
After thorough discussion over the achievements of the first growth and transformation plan (GTP1) and on the major focus of the second growth and transformation plan (GTP2), the directorate has lead all directorates to prepare the five year strategic plan (2008-2010E.C) of Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority.

Until now, the directorate has successfully designed and prepared various research and project proposals for study and implementation, that could strongly help for the implementation of IWRM in the RVLB. For example Capital projects proposals were prepared on the following titles: Cheleleka wetland Conservation and Rehabilitation project through Community based Management Approach; Minimizing environmental pollution released from the main sources (domestic solid waste, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, and non-point pollution from farm land) in the rift valley lakes basin using waste management best practices.
University-Industry Linkages of Education, Training, Research Institutions and Industry forum was established under the leadership of Rift valley Lakes Basin Authority to facilitate research and technology transfer.