About Us

The Rift  valley  lakes  basin  authority  is  established  on  proclamation  number  691/2002 article  5  and  sub  article  34  and  house  of  ministers  council  regulation  number 253/2003.

Objective, Mission, Vision, Value, power and duty of the Basin Authority


The overall objectives of the Authority shall be to promote and monitor the implementation of integrated water resources management process in an equitable and participatory manner in the Rift Valley Lakes Basin.


Implement a research based, participatory and sustainable integrated water resource management system with in the basin.


To  be  a  model  basin  in  which  integrated  and  participatory  water  resource management is practiced.


  •  Innovation and creativity
  • Loyalty
  • Fairness and equity
  • Quality first
  • Endurance and aspiration
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Continuous learning
  • Team work
  • Detest corruption

Powers and Duties of  the Authority

1. Initiate and submit to the High Council policy measures needed to create conducive environment for the implementation of an integrated water resource management process within the basin and follow up the implementation of the policy upon approval;
2. Undertake activities necessary for, and facilitate, the implementation of integrated water resources management in the basin;
3. Ensure that projects, activities and interventions related to water in the basin are, in their content, schedule, impacts and management are in line with the integrated water resources management process;
4. Prepare and submit to the High Council, the basin’s plan and monitor its implementation upon approval;
5. Without prejudice to the power given to regional states by law, issue permits applicable to the basin’s water use and water works in accordance with Article 15 of the Proclamation and ensure-that the terms of the permits are complied with;

6. Collect, compile, analyze and disseminate information for proper planning, administration and steering of water resources in the basin;
7. Develop and use a river basin model in order to guide and support the basin’s water resources strategic planning and water administration functions;
8. Give advice and technical support to the High Council and the Ministry on dispute resolution in relation to the allocation and use of water resources of the basin;
9. Set up a forum for effective networking among stakeholders;
10. Collect water charges from users;
11. On the basis of instructions of the High Council, prepare and provide necessary information for the concerned body in charge of negotiations with other countries concerning trans-boundary rivers;
12.Undertake studies, surveys and researches that arc deemed necessary to carry out its functions;

13. Monitor ground water level in order to prevent an occurrence of salinity’ problem in areas where irrigation development works and projects are carried out and cause measures to be taken;
14. Undertake river drainage-work;
15. Own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name;
16. Carry out such other functions necessary for the implementation of its objectives.